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Soundtrack Solutions

Affordable – Royalty Free – Simple Licensing 


Single Tracks

Many of our tracks have separate stem audio files for each instrument, so can be rearranged to help tell your story


Soundtrack Bundles

Cohesive, single-composer music & SFX bundles, with stems included for ultimate continuity & control 


Build your own Bundles

Curate your perfect discount bundle using our extensive search filters and curated playlists 

Customize & Commission

Existing Tracks Edited – Bespoke Tracks Created

Request Edits

Choose a  track from the library and commission the composer to tailor the track to your moving images


Exclusive Custom Soundtrack

Commission a bespoke soundtrack, complete with music, SFX, foley sounds and idents, composed to your visuals

Royalty Free Music

Simple Licensing

Most Affordable

Tracks, bundles, editing and composing services individually priced or by subscription


Flexible License

Non-commercial & commercial licenses available – creative freedom at wild and wonderful prices


Perpetual Global Use

Our full licenses cover everything, everywhere, forever. (All licenses are non transferable and not for resale)