Frequently Asked Questions

Licence Terms

Where can I use the music? 

This music can be used anywhere. Once you have purchased and downloaded a track, you are licensed to synchronize it with any other form of media and use it on any platform, an unlimited number of times, for as long as you wish. The music must be synchronized with another form of media (eg. game, video, film trailer, advert, youtube video, FB/Instagram video, etc) and you cannot repackage or resell any media from this website. You cannot, for example, upload one of our tracks to Spotify (as it would not be synchronized with another kind of media).


Who owns the music? 

The artist/composer of the track owns all the rights to their music. You (the customer) purchase a License to synchronize it with another form of media.


Does my license cover a client who hires me for a project? 

Yes! If you are hired to produce something for a client, your license covers them for their personal or commercial use of any media you have produced using music you have purchased from Soundtrackable™ . The client cannot use the music or SFX for any other project, product, or media that you have not created.


Is the music PRO registered? 

Yes, the music is registered with PRS and PPL. 


Is the music Royalty Free? 

Yes, the music is Royalty Free, meaning the customers can use the music they purchase in their projects freely without any future charges.  


Will I have to pay royalty fees if my work is broadcast?

No! You will not have to pay any fees to broadcast your work featuring this music.

The music is registered with PRS, which means the network/broadcaster (TV channel, radio station, streaming provider, etc) may be subject to additional royalties according to its standard local PRO agreement, but they will pay PRS for the right to broadcast the music, so you don’t have to. All you have to do is fill in the appropriate ‘Cue Sheet’ (usually provided by the broadcaster). The information you will need about each track is included in the ‘Cue Sheet Information’ text document inside each download.


Do I need to credit the artist in my work? 

No! But you can if you like!


Can I transfer my license? 

No, the license is non-transferable, but your license does cover your client’s use of the work you produce for them, in the form you present it to them.  

Stems & Sections

What are ‘Stems’?

If you purchase a ‘Track+Stems’, you will also receive a separate audio file for each instrument in the track. This allows you to easily arrange the music in any way you need to suit your project – adding, moving or removing parts as you wish.

What are ‘Sections’?

‘Sections’ allow you to have your own track structure. The track is supplied cut into small segments which can be arranged in any order. They include ‘tails’, which means you will not hear an unnatural cut between the different sections. Instructions included in the ‘Sections’ folder of your download. 


Can I edit the music to fit my project?

Yes! You can chop, rearrange and edit the music you have bought in any way you see fit. You can even combine bits from multiple tracks together using ‘Track + Stems’ packs. 

Custom Tracks

Will custom tracks be mine exclusively?

You will be the exclusive licensee for any bespoke track or any edit/remix you commission. This does not include the original version of any track you have edited or remixed.

Will you sell the edited/remixed track you make for me?

Bespoke tracks, edits and remixes will not be resold by Soundtrackable™ , the artist, or any other party.


What are the terms of use for my custom tracks?

All other ‘License Agreement’ terms apply to the custom tracks you commission (see above in the Licence Terms section.