Horror Film Score

Everything you need to create a feature-length horror film.


Comprehensive Soundtrack

  • 60 Royalty Free Tracks
  • Single Composer
  • Continuity of Sound
  • Music, Atmospheres, SFX & Stems
  • Customizable Soundtrack
  • Incredible Value
  • Request Edits/Remixes by the composer
  • Blockbuster Quality
  • WAV & MP3 included

Horror Film Score – Teaser

This Bundle contains:

  • 4 Action tracks
  • 6 Atmospheric tracks
  • 10 Dark Backdrops
  • 5 Heavy Beats
  • 4 Jump Scare tracks
  • 4 Melancholy Themes
  • 5 Suspense tracks
  • 5 Tension Growing tracks
  • 5 Texture tracks
  • 3 Trailer tracks
  • 25 Editing SFX

The Horror Film Score is a revolutionary music bundle that provides all the music you need to create an epic feature-length horror film. With this cohesive collection of music, you can achieve the continuity you need to make your feel like a real blockbuster movie. We know that stock music created by multiple composers never gives a cohesive result. That’s why this bundle is created by a single composer.

Most tracks come with stems, meaning you can customize the music to fit your edit perfectly. Stems even allow you to reuse any SFX, impacts, jump-scare moments anywhere in your film, allowing you to achieve the continuity of sound that’s impossible with most stock music.

Never before have filmmakers had such freedom to create on a budget.


Jump Scare



Heavy Beats

Melancholy Themes


Tension Growing


Dark Backdrops


Downloads include:

  • Original Tracks
  • WAV (24 bit – 44,100hz)
  • MP3 (320kbps – highest quality)
  • License Agreement

Want one of these tracks edited or remixed?