Uplifiting Electronic

Upbeat and positive beats to energize your visuals.


About this Bundle

  • 7 Royalty Free Tracks
  • Single Composer
  • Continuity of Sound
  • Stems for All Tracks – Infinite Customizability
  • Risers, Impacts & SFX specific to each track
  • Request Track Edits/Remixes by the Composer
  • Unlimited Global License
  • WAV & MP3

Ideal for:

    • Digital Content
    • Social Media Content
    • Energetic Scenes
    • Video Games
    • Podcasts
    • Short Films
    • Feature Films

Inspired by modern electronic styles, this bundle brings you 7 tracks that draw influences from EDM, Dubstep, Drum & Bass, Trap and more. This music is created by a single composer, so you can achieve true continuity of sound in your projects. 

All the tracks come with stems, meaning you can customize the music to fit your edit perfectly. Stems allow you to separate the musical elements, customize the track and reuse any melodies or SFX elsewhere in your edit. You can even reuse sounds across multiple pieces of content to weave a golden thread of continuity that’s impossible with other stock music sites.

Never before have creators had such freedom to create on a budget.

Downloads include:

  • Original Tracks
  • WAV (24 bit – 44,100hz)
  • MP3 (320kbps – highest quality)
  • License Agreement

Want one of these tracks edited or remixed?